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Aport Global offers single-source laboratory service solutions to the life science industry. Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Academic Research, Food Manufacturing.

Aport - Global solution with a local focus

Apart Global offers single source laboratory service solutions to the life science, food & beverage, environment and security laboratory industries. Clients can expert the same Aport standards, quality of teams, fleet, knowledge and expertise, but with a strong sense of local focus.

Aport delivers world-class support to its clients through continuous training, by maintaining our knowledge of global regulatory standards, and with continuous investment in product and service leadership. This means that our solutions remain relevant, technically superior and innovative.


Our core work

Aport Global USA|Home

Global Laboratory Relocations

From centrifuges and gas chromatography equipment, through to high value, sensitive mass spectrometers, Aport has the skills and experience to handle, pack and transport all laboratory instrumentation safely, anywhere across the globe.

Aport Global USA|Home

Export Packing

A supply of boxes/ bubble wrap will be sent to site ahead of time, approx. 1-2 weeks prior, for your team to pre-pack any glassware, consumables or office belongings. A packing list template can be provided if your end user requires details of the specifics.

Aport Global USA|Home

Logistics Project Management

Aport is proud to be associated with some of the leading instrument OEM's. As well as basic relocation and 'lift to bench', we are pleased to offer a comprehensive selection of Logistics Project Management services.

Aport Global USA|Home

Dangerous goods

Transporting hardware is only one part of a laboratory relocation. Many facilities also handle samples and chemicals which may be considered 'Dangerous Goods'. When transporting such items by road, sea or air, there are regulations to be followed.

Aport Global USA|Home

Temperature Controlled Shipments

We understand the vital importance of our clients' ongoing research, and the potentially devastating cost and 'time to market' implications, should the worst happen. Therefore, when it comes to temperature-controlled shipments, we provide end to end expertise and reassurance.

Aport Global USA|Home


We can arrange insurance on behalf of our clients, to cover the relocation project. All laboratory relocation work, including storage, is operated under the standard BIFA trading conditions. We can also provide an insurance policy on an 'All Risks' basis.

Aport Global USA|Home

Laboratory Storage

This provides the next level of peace of mind for clients with instruments, equipment, data or other items stored at the firm's extensive warehouse facility. Aport’s professional temperature controlled storage ensures specialist samples are protected for the duration of the storage period.

Aport Global USA|Home

Sample Transfers and Cold Chain Management

It is necessary to have an accurate, up-to-date inventory for both business and operational reasons. Over time, as instruments are replaced, inventories can become increasingly inaccurate. We provide inventory services, either as part of a relocation or on an ongoing basis.

Aport Global USA|Home

International Customs PM

Apart facilitate the complete process for clearing customs with a range of assets, new and used, including experience with chemicals and samples. We utilize our in-house expertise along with specialist partners.

why choose

Aport Global?

Aport was developed from a highly specialized relocations business in the UK, Andrew Porter Ltd. Over the years, the firm’s specialism in high-level laboratory relocation projects had grown to the point that its customer base included large global pharmaceutical businesses, which in turn, demanded a global service.

To fulfil the needs and expectations of these clients, Aport was born to revolutionize worldwide laboratory relocations provision, in what is a largely fragmented service approach from other providers across key global locations.

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